About Kudzu

Kudzu Vine is a wild plant, that grows in many Asian countries. From ancient times to the present days, the root of Kudzu has been commonly used in far Eastern culture as a food, rich source of starch and as an effective remedy in natural medicine. It helps digestion,it is used for colds, intestinal ailments and alcoholism. It helps to ovecome other detrimental habits. Starch derived from Kudzu Root contains a high amount of iron, a fair portion of calcium and phosphorus, and a little sodium.

Interestingly, it has more calories per gram than honey, but unlike honey, which is quick burning sugar, Kudzu is a long sustaining source of energy in an organism. Presently, Kudzu is becoming popular in others places of the world such as the United States, Canada, and Europe. Researchers from various American Universities discovered that Kudzu Root reduces alcohol intake. Recent findings prove that alcoholism rarely occurs in cultures where Kudzu is a natural component of a traditional diet. The extraordinary results of the use of Kudzu root gives hope to many who suffer from an alcohol addiction and their families. It has also been effectively used to reduce nicotine intake and some report it helps with fentanyl , heroin withdrawl and addiction