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This write up describes the discovery of a natural remedy by the inventor who suffered from of eczema and decided to share her success and make this product available to all others suffering from similar ailment. I have to reach back to my personal experiences. From birth, I was diagnosed with eczema, severe asthma and another respiratory and food allergies. Later on as a student of Architecture, I suffered a lot while painting and drawing my projects, because my hands were covered completely with eczema. The only help and relief for a while was obtained by hydrocortisone injections but also caused many negative side effects. I was determined to find an additional solution for myself.

I turned to the natural medicine and I made a project of an oil formula, and I tried it on. Two months later my eczema had disappeared and never to return. Fifteen years later my one year old child was diagnosed with eczema. At this point I decided to further develop my original formula and apply for a Patent. I succeeded and was rewarded with CANADIAN PATENT. It was then that I began conducting tests on my product. I documented observations on people who came for help with skin problems they had for years. Very quickly it became apparent that my oil formula is effective and helpful for problems with acne and periodontium.