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Here are some testimonials from people who have used FREESKIN product.

This is a thank you note for providing an eczema cure for my son Michael. Our 9 year old son was suffering from severe case of eczema since he was 4. We consulted several doctors, who diagnosed it as eczema and prescribed ointments, but they did not help. Most of his body was effected, however his hands, swollen itchy and full of wounds presented the biggest problem. Last winter we treated Michael with your Freeskin. After one week the condition worsened as you predicted, but we continued use 4-6 times daily. After 2 weeks his condition started to improve very fast, and at the end of six weeks Michael's eczema has completely disappeared. During next month we kept him on Freeskin 1- 2 times a day. His skin is healthy and his problems stopped. We would like again to thank you for providing the product that helped our son. We believe, it will help many others kids.

Larry, Lucy & Michael Malinowski St. Catherines, Ontario

I have suffered from acne rosacea for many years. I am 67. Freeskin did help me. After 2 months use, my Face looks normal. I don't have to take anything else. Itching also did stop.
Stefania Legomski Woodstock, Ontario

I was diagnosed with periodonium disorders a couple years ago. After 2 months of using Freeskin mouthwash, pain associated with brushing disappeared, better and more tight gums were observed.
Lidia Filip, Mississauga

I would like to inform you about my 18 years old son case. Mariusz has had acne for 5 years, had antibiotic treatment and went on a special diet but acne did not stop. When he started use of Freeskin, acne got worse. After that we noticed improvement. Right now his face is clear and healthy , there are no more pimples, even though he doesn't keep diet any longer.
Mother of Mariusz Rydyger, Hamilton